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About The Artist

Hi! My name is Cindi, the owner of Cindi Ressler Studios.

Though I was born and raised in Connecticut, about 19 years ago, I moved to Maine. 

I come from an artistic family; dad was an artist who drew figures, and fish, which he loved fishing and caricatures; mom is a crafter/seamstress, my sister has dad's talents, and my brother well he likes his heavy metal music.

For a long time, I didn't think I had any artistic skills outside of photography; over the last six years, I've discovered so much about myself that I just wanted to keep learning about myself as an artist.

As I slowly begin to narrow down what I truly love as an artist.

My journey begins with photography; I have always been a visual person, and photography seemed like a good fit; It took many years to find my photographic style.  
When I did find what I loved to photograph, I was excited to see where it would take me.

Along the way, I discovered fluid art painting, which has been so much fun playing with color and getting paint all over while creating unique abstract paintings.

I've also started learning mixed media collage, which I'm very intrigued with the process.  
I have done some mixed media collages with my photography.

Follow me along on my journey as I continue to learn and discover my artistic abilities.

When I'm not creating art, I like being home with mom, our dogs, and cats just chillin.

I dedicate my artistic journey to my dad, who passed away before he could explore his artistic abilities.
Love you, Dad

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